Sunday, December 14, 2008

2008, I'm going to miss you.



sally said...

hmm...i hadn't seen his face before. he's beautiful.

jackson said...

lol at the guy in the bottom right corner ... he's looking at bush like, "gee this is interesting. i wonder how this will play out."


and i hate to say it, but all i could think about when this story was in the news was WWKHD?

i mean, really, what would kerry have done--the man who dealt with a rowdy college student grilling him at a lecture by pretending not to notice as campus police repeatedly tased the student and dragged him out of the room?

i mean, seriously, what a complete lack of leadership--at a college lecture, no less. on the other hand we have bush, who doesn't ignore the problem when an upstart provokes him from the crowd ... he doesn't cower behind the podium after the first shoe is flung. no. he stands up straight, looks the guy in the eye, and is like, "so what's up?"

i don't endorse the guy's policies, and i'm part of the vast majority of americans who currently disapprove of his overall performance in office. but i've got to respect the guy for how he handled the situation.

granted, his snarky remarks about the "size 10 shoe" following the incident seemed to suggest that either he didn't realize or didn't care about the larger significance of an iraqi news reporter throwing footwear at him as the US's occupation of the country drags on and on.

but before that was one moment--one moment--out of all the outrageous and detestable moments in his long, bumbling administration, truth be told, when i was actually glad it was him representing our nation at that press conference and not kerry.

Abdel Shakur said...

Yeah, Kerry probably wouldn't have been able to maneuver that rock head of his out of the way and probably would have got slapped upside the head. I guess my thing is that I want a president that don't got to worry about people throwing shoes at him.
One of the most disturbing parts of that tape was that it didn't seem like Bush was all that surprised when dude raised up that shoe. It was almost like he expected it. Sad.