Monday, May 25, 2009

The human condition no longer applies to you

It's ironic that Terminator: Salvation, a movie concerned with the destruction of humanity by machines, features a full cast of female characters who are more mechanical than the robots. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in T2 had one of the best female action roles ever, but why are all the women in the new movie so pathetic?

First off, you have Star (Jadagrace Park). She's small, fluffy-haired, extremely loyal, soulful-eyed, and has a sixth sense for impending danger. Ms. Park does the best with the role she has, but her character is essentially just a friendly dog.


Then there's Helena Bonham Carter taking on a minor part as Dr. Serena Kogan, the creator of Skynet. She makes out with a death row inmate to get him to donate his body to science. The worst part about the scene is that she's totally into the kiss, but gets totally "treated" (as the kids say) by a guy with no options. Later, she becomes the face of the malevolent computer program that destroys humanity. This brings up a bigger point: why is it that whenever the computers take over in a movie, they always seem to speak in that ice queen psycho bitch voice?
Dave, I will not be ignored, Dave.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor. Not much to say about her because she doesn't say much. All you need to know is that she wears this expression for pretty much the whole movie.


What about the feisty Blair Williams (Moon Goodblood)? She has a promising start, as a grizzled veteran pilot who fearlessly dogfights flying killing machines. You think she's going to be holding it down Sarah Connor style, but then she doesn't.

Are you feeling lucky, punk? Oh, wait...

Question: what tenet in screenwriting makes it necessary to add attempted gang rape scenes for females in action movies? I'm not sure, but usually the writer has the decency to let the woman kick the guys asses. Not so in this movie. Her man comes to her rescue, costing Blair almost all of her credibility. She loses the rest of her credibility by trying to "thank" said man by "keeping him warm" one scene later. Yuck.

I'm not sure how this fits into my feminist critique, but I should just say that Common needs to stop acting. Every scene does not call for the "open mic poet" voice and he showed more range when he was poverty pimping those kids in that Lincoln Navigator commercial. What, you don't remember?

Common is officially not helping our efforts to bring light skinned brothers back. Where's that Keyboard Cat when you need him?


Rion Amilcar Scott said...

Man, is Common good at anything anymore?

Marcus Wicker said...

Damn, that Common ad is worse than those Rakim Hennesy posters. Super Wack.