Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Chipotle

Chiptole, I've been seeing you for quite some time now. Moving to Minnesota, there was a stretch of years where I couldn't find a decent burrito. And you were there for me. You even knew how to make guacamole that didn't taste like green mayonnaise.

Unlike a lot of other fast food places, you were out front with your kitchen, so I could see how the food was prepared. I appreciated that. However, in an earlier post I did notice how strange it was that all the people who seemed to be cooking in the back had the pigment of a pinto bean, while the folks closest to the register had a tortilla tint. In other words, Latinos cooking, white folks running the money. This was the case in California, Minnesota, Maryland, Indiana, and Illinois.

Most other restaurants try to keep their immigrant labor a secret, but y'all was out with it. It gave the food authenticity, a certain panache, a certain elan, a certain gene se qua. Similar to what you might experience being served egg rolls by Asians at Panda Express or crackers by Crackers at Cracker Barrel.

But now the feds are investigating. Why, God, why?


REALIFE said...

When I read this I could have pissed myself.Oh my goodness this was beautifully written. Well Done. I enjoyed reading this from beginning to end. This is just a reminder that I'm still your student in this writing thing.

Dope Link with the Jay-Z Add-On.

I gotta start writing like this

Abdel Shakur said...

Thanks for the love, Chairman Fred.

marine supply stores said...

Well, of course you'll get a better burrito from a mexican as well as you will get a better pizza from an italian and so on.. Funny post btw ;)