Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tim Seibles: Ten Queries of Funk (Pt.2)

Here's part two of the interview with one of my favorite poets, Tim Seibles, author of Buffalo Solos, Hurdy Gurdy, Body Moves, and Kerosene. He was most recently featured in Indiana Review's Funk feature.

6. Funkier: Kevin Garnett or Bill Russell?

Garnett, no doubt; you can see the funk in his walk and in his jumper. He's a totally EMBODIED brother.

7. What's your favorite funk cut/album?

My favorite funk album: George Clinton's TAPOAFOM (The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Mothership), which came out around '94 and got NO play
whatsoever. I can't understand it...

8. Funkier: Blade or Blackula?

I gotta go with brother Blade. He's the avenging angel of all the funky ancestors...

9. What are you working on now?

I finishing up a collection of poems that features Blade, Frederick Douglass, and almost funky, John Brown as personas.

10. And finally, Funkier: Shirley Chisholm or Barack Obama?

Oh, I gotta go with my boy, Barack. Did you see him hit that jumper when
he met with those troops in that gym? He stepped back with a bop-step just like the brothers on the schoolyard playgrounds.

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Jackson Brown said...

Yeah, between Garnett and Paul Pierce, the Celtics were spilling over with funk last season. It arguably won them the championship.

Of course, the Lakers did have Lamar Odom, and that dude, in terms of game on the court, is pretty dang funky--especially for a pretty boy Lakers' team. You seen his logo? (upper-right corner) Even it's funky-looking.

That Natasha poem is tight, btw.