Friday, August 8, 2008

Cake and Potatoes

Y'all need to check out my man Jackson Brown's new web comic Cake and Potatoes. The art work is great and the concept is hilarious. Jackson was my roommate in graduate school and dude is sick (in a good way). It says he's going to be updating the blog every week or so, so definitely check him out.

And speaking of comics, have y'all peeped the new Howard Zinn, A People's History of American Empire?

I cannot express to you the true funkiness of this comic. It takes you on an incredible visual tour of just how much shadiness has gone into maintaining our American dream. Thankfully, the book effectively balances its explanations of how corporations and politicians have screwed people over throughout history with real stories of Americans who stood up to these powers. In fact, some of the most engaging parts of the book are the sections where Zinn's personal story crosses with the larger narrative of social justice throughout the book. I'm teaching humanities this fall and I'm definitely using this in class.

Oh, here's a video preview of the book featuring Aragorn--I mean, Viggo Mortensen


Rion Amilcar Scott said...

I got to check out that Zinn...thanks for letting us know about it....

Jackson Brown said...

That looks like a good book; I'll have to check that out.

Thanks for the plug. :-)