Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The New Facebook Is Torture, But This Is Ridiculous...

Okay, so I wish I was making this up, but Facebook just hired former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' chief of staff, Ted Ullyot.

From the article:
"We view Ted's joining us as just another reaffirmation of the fact that we are working at the cutting edge of lots of incredible innovation," said Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president of communications and public policy (and himself a lawyer). "He has an extraordinary combination of private legal practice and public sector experience. So many of the legal issues we face touch on both of those arenas. He is equally comfortable helping us expand internationally as he is in helping us navigate complicated legal issues we may face in Washington. Ted's arrival really demonstrates we're a little more grown-up."
I love the line about "complicated legal issues." O.J. Simpson has complicated legal issues--Mr. Gonzo and them are just crooks. I don't take it as a good sign that Facebook, a corporation that already holds a weird position of control over the intimate details of millions of people's lives is hooking up with folks who pride themselves on invading Americans' privacy.

Besides, they might want to check Ted's references because it looks like his former boss might face criminal charges from his last job.

But I got to admit that I do miss seeing Mr. Gonzo's smug mug in the news. No matter how much he broke the law and lied and broke the law and lied, you always got the sense that he was enjoying himself. And in some way that kind of made it alright.

Oh, and why is Mr. Gonzo always able to keep such an impressive smirk at the ready, no matter how many laws he's broken? Two words: Presidential Pardon. It's coming!

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Jackson said...

why does he remind me of ernie from sesame street?