Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Atomic Dog is... of the greatest videos ever made. Off of his Computer Games album, George Clinton was still blazing trails in the eighties. Overton Loyd won an MTV award for his cartoon work on the video, which was also the inspiration for Indiana Review's Funk feature flip-book cartoons on the bottom of the page.
This song brings back memories for me because when I was a freshman (C/O '96!) at Berkeley High school members of the football team started calling themselves the Atomic Dogs. Lead by one of biggest guys in the school, Jihad Akbar (who, come to think of it, kind of looked like a dog), they held impromptu step shows in the school courtyard with a boom box blasting this song. Seeing those brothers stomping in the yard, I was in complete awe. I get a similar feeling when I watch this video.

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