Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Funky Snapper: Diem Jones

The newest issue of Indiana Review features the work of Diem Jones, AKA Fladimir M.S. Woo, a poet, musician, and producer who served as principle photographer and art director for the P-Funk organizations in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

He was responsible for the Uncle Jam Wants You cover, among others and for some of P-Funk's more elaborate stage shows. His own work can be found in Sufi Warrior, A Collection of Words, and his poetic musical CD collections Black Fish Jazz and his current CD, Equanimity. He also wrote a book, #1 Bimini Road, a photo history of George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic in the 1970s. He's got a new book and CD, called the Wizards of Ra, coming out later this year. Jones is also heavily involved in arts advocacy, with VONA, and others.

And if you ain't hip to the stage show, check out the following. (Hint: the Mothership returns somewhere around the 9 minute mark.)

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